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Welcome to the Argo Not So Weekly Newsletter! By Captain Craig Hanson ***Update – 12/17/2021 – Department of Fish & Wildlife have approved the use of “old style” crabpots.

One out of two isn’t too bad – One, crabbing is solid with limits on every trip. Two, we’re still not allowed to use standard crab traps/pots because of potential whale and turtle entanglement according to the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (DFW).

The next DFW announcement of when, if ever, traps will be deemed safe is December 15. No reason to hold your breath, you’ll only turn blue.

Procuring the crab is a bit of a grind, but time and patience pays dividends. Typically there may a dozen or more crab in a net with an average of two to three keepers per pull. It’s always fascinating to see each net emerge from the depths, and just amazing how many adolescent critters are lurking on the bottom.

For the most part, the weather has been very cooperative making the day more pleasant than some sessions. Forecast through the weekend looks like a winner.

Our priority has been on the crab leaving less time for rockfish, with varying degrees of fishing time each day. Coastal rockfish have been on a bit of a hiatus of late with half limits considered a very productive outing.

Leading into the holiday season, there’s still some room on weekends. Sunday has room for three, and a week from Sunday is wide open.

Of course, rockfish only trips are still on the menu. The season ends December 31.

Our usual family friendly half-day trips striped bass excursions are off to a somewhat slow start in San Pablo Bay. Although, still an interesting potluck trip, the bites have not yet been as forthcoming as previous years.

For the latest update or if you have questions, email or call  (415) 361-7757. As with all our trips tackle, bait and fish cleaning are included within the price.

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