Is Your Vessel Prepared For Inclement Weather?


Are you ready for, rain, wind, snow or whatever else Mother Nature has in store for us?

Vessels that are stored in hurricane prone areas require hurricane plans & caretaker information from the insured by their marine insurance company.

Whether you own a vessel that is stored on a trailer, or in the marina, we should all visit the vessel to make sure things are secure.

Here are a few things to consider.

Dock lines, power cords, fenders, canvas, cushions, tenders, sails, canvas covers, port lights & hatches. Is your 12v battery system in good shape to make sure bilge pumps are working? Is your bilge clean & free of debris? Are all of your automatic float switch’s secure and operational?

Trailer able vessels have their own concerns. Is the boat plug or Garber plug removed? Is the boat cover secured & a bow underneath to prevent puddles?

Exclusions of a yacht policy: Lack of maintenance, wear & tear, gradual deterioration.

Absentee owners: When a vessel is flooding, the first few hours are critical

to preventing a complete sinking. Is there

a boating neighbor that lives local to the vessel you can use as a caretaker if you get that call from the harbormasters office?

Phone calls from our insured’s are plentiful after a rain storm or wind event.

Protect your investment, be prepared.

Comments by Gary Clausen marine insurance agent since 1989

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