Knowing why we do what we do is important.

We want to help ALL boaters from the small runabout to the yacht\sailboat\cruiser in
navigational areas anywhere in the world.

We're not just a Home or Car Insurance company
that's added a sideline of boat insurance ... we're boat insurance only.

We don't represent one company. We search for the best deal for you.
We have many insurance companies to choose from.

This means the lowest possible rate and the most comprehensive policy.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a new boat or your current boat
policy is coming up for renewal, call Twin Rivers Marine Insurance Agency for a quote today!

  • Professional Staff: Our knowledgeable, professional staff places your boat insurance with "A" rated companies that understand boating and its risks.
  • Preferred Rates: We offer special low rate programs for experienced, safe boat owners.
  • Agreed Value Policies: No depreciation in the event of a total loss.
  • All Risk Coverage: Covering your investment against fire, theft, collision, vandalism, underwater obstruction damage, watersports, trailering, storage
  • Emergency Service Coverage: Towing and assistance while your boat is away from safe harbor.
  • Poor Driving Record? Not a problem at Twin Rivers Marine Insurance Agency
Ask about our Personal Watercraft Programs!

Your Twin Rivers policy comes with an Agent!

Twin Rivers Marine Insurance