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July 8, 2021
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July 12, 2021

Are you looking to hire a USCG captain to move your vessel from one marina to the next or possibly hundreds of miles to a new port?

Or you want to brush up on your skills before you move to that marina with swift currents & high winds. How do you choose the person that you are going to give the helm to your pride & joy? What are the correct qualifications, credentials, loss history, reputation amongst the boating community? Licensed USCG captains, have different types of licenses as far as their qualifications & ratings with the USCG licensing division. Over the past 32 years I have been involved in the marine insurance industry, I have found that the majority of the licensed captains have been professional, reliable, sincere to their commitment without abandonment of the project. Word of mouth seems to be a reliable way to find candidates to interview. Ask your fellow boater friends about anyone they have hired in the past. The yacht club is a great source of referrals, boat yards, yacht brokers, your marine insurance specialists, all have dealt with USCG licensed captains in the past.

Jones Act

Paid crew, captains & their mates, require Jones Act coverage for their cure in the event they are injured while aboard your vessel & in your employ. Some policies contain occasional Jones Act coverage. Other Underwriters require the agent to reach out to the company to submit the USCG captains license, resume & loss history. There will be an additional premium charge for each crew member you will need coverage for. Not all companies offer Jones Act. If you have questions or concerns, read your policy & reach out to your marine insurance agent to discuss this very important coverage.

By Gary Clausen of Twin Rivers Marine Insurance Agency