Moving Your Yacht by a Boat Mover

What is Mechanical Breakdown Coverage in a Yacht Policy?
September 28, 2021
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September 28, 2021

Moving Your Yacht by a Boat Mover

“An opinion from Gary Clausen Marine Insurance Specialist”

I often have boaters call me to discuss how their policy covers their vessel while the boat transporter hauler transports their vessel.

Who is responsible for the repairs if the vessel is damaged while in the care and custody of the boat mover?

The truckers cargo coverage should pay for the damage. What do you do if they don’t, what if their insurance company allows them to perform substandard repairs?

Is there a deductible on the damage repairs on the cargo coverage?

Does the cargo coverage on their policy cover your hull & machinery value you are currently insured for on your agreed value yacht policy?

Has the trucker had any cargo claims in their past/damage to other vessels transported?

These are concerns you may consider. Call your marine insurance specialist to discuss your options & coverage.

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