How do you Choose a Marine Surveyor?

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September 28, 2021

How do you Choose a Marine Surveyor?

You are in need of a marine surveyor, whether you are buying a brokerage boat, wanting a second look to make sure everything is “ship shape”, you are refinancing the loan, your current insurance carrier is asking for a new survey.

Most marine surveyors, like many marine professionals, cointinue to follow their commitment to continueing education. The following comments are from Captain Terry Lee – Marine Surveyor.

A good Marine Surveyor will be checking: the structure, systems, balance and trim. Most importantly an experienced inspector has an eye out for DANGER: is the vessel likely to sink, catch fire, leak LPG gas (propane), gasoline fumes in the bilge, and most dangerous on ALL boats world-wide is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, this is usually from leaking exhaust from a gas generator or engine. A good Marine Surveyor will caution the captain to at minimum have working (and tested) CO detectors at each sleeping quarters.

Here are a few sources for locating marine surveyor professionals:
About Marine Surveying
American Marine Surveyors

Check with your boat yard, marine insurance specialist, marine finance specialist, yacht broker, fellow yacht club members, for their comments. Many financial insyitutions and Insurance Underwriers ask for certain accredidations of marine surveyors.

Captain Terry Lee
(916) 599-5241

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